Homes of Football: “Reporting From The Ground” Wycombe Wanderers

In this regular blog photographer Stuart Roy Clarke will explain the thinking behind his best Homes of Football images (available to buy here)...

“Reporting From The Ground” Wycombe Wanderers 1990 (©StuartRoyClarke)

Just two hours before this FA Cup match was due to go ahead, snow swept across England's Chiltern Hills and John Motson was there to relay this tea-cup drama live to viewers on BBC1 during the lunchtime Grandstand programme.

I meanwhile slid across the car park and through a gate ajar, forgoing picking up my 'press pass', to be the only witness to his witness.

John told me that 'Mottie and sheepskin coat' only really became iconic from this day onward - the photograph freezing a moment in time and ensuring a legend. I was in a slight flap because guessing exposures (as I always do) during a 'whiteout' is very tricky.

It's one of my better known photos.

Copyright Stuart Roy Clarke