FSF & Non-League Magazine: the importance of legal advice

NLM latest Final

The second issue of this season's Non-league Magazine is published this week and the FSF feature once again.

One month in and as the league tables are starting to show their early shape the editorial team behind the magazine bring you another jam-packed issue with over 120 pages all in full-colour, with stories from across the non-league game.

The last issue had a record number of readers since the magazine was launched two years ago. This month, we're looking at legal advice and the importance of seeking help if you ever find yourself in trouble at the match.

This season the FSF is working with the editorial team behind the magazine to bring news of the game in the lower leagues and the National League System to all FSF members.

The publisher is offering clubs and supporter groups a fantastic 'reseller offer'. The offer allows clubs and supporter groups to make a £2 profit on the cover price with the current issue and all back issues available via a link in the magazine.

Enjoy the read and please share the link with family and friends. We would also like to encourage you to take a closer look for yourself by seeking out a non-league club close to home. The FSF believes that football at the amateur and non-league level deserves more support and with your help, we can all play a role in helping this level of football thrive.