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The next meeting of the EFL Network will take place on 19th September in London, and one of the items on the agenda will be the group's representatation on the FSA National Council.

The National Council of the FSA is comprised of fan representatives from our networks at Premier League, Championship, League One and Two and non-league level, alongside representatives of community owned clubs, our Fans for Diversity network and directly elected members.

There is a vacancy on the EFL (League One and Two) Network for a representative on the National Council, and nominations are now open. To stand as an EFL Network Representative you must complete and submit the nomination form, be a member of an organisation which operates in League One or League Two, and be affiliated to the FSA.

Nominations are open until 31st August.

For a supporters organisation to be affiliated it must; 

  • Have a written constitution
  • Their membership must be open to all supporters of the relevant football club at an affordable fee, if any 
  • The operation of the organisation must be independent of the football club (unless that organisation is a trust that is the direct owner of its football club) 
  • The organisation must have a democratic structure and decision-making process, based on one member, one vote 
  • The majority of the organisation’s governing committee must be elected by the membership, either at a general meeting or by postal or online ballot 
  • The organisation must publish either audited or certified annual accounts or at least ones approved by its membership at an AGM 
  • The organisation must keep track of its membership, holding basic details of each current member 
  • The organisation must adopt a diversity policy (a template can be supplied)
  • Agree to become a member by completing details HERE.  

If your supporters trust or supporters group meets the above criteria and agrees to become a member, please complete your details via the above link.

In the event of a contested election, whereby we receive more nominations than places available, a ballot will be held and results announced at the meeting on 19th September. 

If you have any questions, contact the EFL Network Manager Deborah Dilworth -