Homes of Football: Carlisle United, my number one club

Stuart Roy Clarke's photography gets to the heart of football - here he tells us about two classic shots from Carlisle United after the club was recently forced out of Brunton Park by flooding...

Bobby Moore recalled in Snow, Carlisle United, 1993, by Stuart Roy Clarke

Bobby Moore recalled in snow Carlisle United England year 1993 by Stuart Roy Clarke

The chairman's dream of too much on his plate, Carlisle United, 1993, by Stuart Roy Clark

The chairmans dream of too much on his plate Carlisle UnitedEngland year1993 by Stuart Roy Clarke

George (Og) a striker was said to have stolen an ironing-board. This strangely allured him to the fans. If he could do that with a board what could he potentially do with defences.

And besides, who hasn't tried to impress the Missus?

All this was put to one side the moment Bobby Moore, beacon of Englishness, was to be remembered for his foreshortened life, in a snow-storm of 1993. George is there, shoulders out. The tribute was nationwide but Carlisle being the most northerly outpost got the snow.

The tribute connected Carlisle with everyone. Surely with even the man upstairs. (Not Michael Knighton, he had an elbow on the dugout).

Immediately the beautiful white carpet would be messed with chaotic patterns and United dazzling themselves and Rochdale with an inspired 3-0 win.

A winning streak to last a fortnight ...before abject failure. Beautifully managed. Wonderfully orchestrated.

Opening the door for the big man to tear up all other peoples poxy little scripts.

Michael Knighton had seen aliens. Juggled with the other United of Manchester.


Happy New Years.