Dear visiting supporter, welcome to Blackpool

Blackpool Fans Protest Photo The 92 Groundsman

We’re all used to binning unwanted leaflets foisted upon us in town centres and outside grounds.

If you’re heading to Bloomfield Road anytime soon, however, then a new leaflet produced by the Blackpool Supporters’ Trust (BST) may actually be worth a read.

With Bloomfield Road looking increasingly empty, the trust has printed off 5,000 leaflets welcoming away fans to the home of the Seasiders.

It aims to educate away supporters about the problems at the club and get them behind the ongoing boycott of the club – and hopefully head off any “empty seats” jibes at the same time.

The leaflet says: “We want to make you aware why the majority of our supporters are undertaking a sustained ethical boycott against the club’s owners, the Oystons.

“Our decision to boycott has not been taken lightly.

“We love our club as much as you love yours, but we feel that the Oystons have ripped the heart out of our club and wrenched it from the local community.”

The relationship between the club and its supporters is at a nadir, with no signs of improvements in recent months.

BST are also asking away fans visiting Bloomfield Road to support their ethical boycott in whatever way they can. Visiting supporters are encouraged to buy refreshments from local businesses rather than inside the ground and skipping the match day programme.

Andy Higgins from BST said: “So far it seems to be working quite well.

“Most fans are very responsive and it gives them something tangible to take away and read.”

So if you’re heading to Blackpool for an away day, make sure you pick up a leaflet and spread the word.

Thanks to The 92 Groundsman for the image used in this post. Reproduced here under Creative Commons license.