Charlton Athletic owner demands EFL buys club

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Charlton Athletic fans say they are “dismayed” by the actions of their owner, who this week demanded that the EFL buy the football club off him.

During a fans’ forum at the Valley on Wednesday Lieven de Turck (owner Roland Duchatelet's representative) revealed they intend to contact the EFL to propose they purchase Charlton Athletic.

Following the forum, Duchatelet issued a long statement demanding that the league purchase the club – blaming protesting fans, injuries, the EFL and more for their current struggles.

Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust today said they were disappointed by the club’s hijacking of the fans’ forum – postponing important dialogue around issues impacting the club - and the unprecedented demands made to the EFL.

“We were asked for our comments at the fans’ forum,” the trust said. “It will come as no surprise this was instantly and unanimously dismissed as presenting a conflict of interest as well as being totally impractical. Nothing more needs to be said.”

Duchatelet has been attempting to sell the club for more than a year without success. The trust argues this proves the Belgian businessman’s expectations are too high. On and off the pitch protests against Duchatelet, led by the Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet (CARD), have been ongoing for a of number years. CARD describe the demands today as "bonkers".

“There had been much speculation that Duchatelet's proposal would involve some sort of offer to sell or give the club to supporters,” the trust added.

“Instead, the proposal was one that could not possibly have been predicted.

“Duchatelet's approach emphatically demonstrates his complete lack of understanding of how football operates. How can someone who thinks this is feasible be allowed to control a football club?”

The trust is due to meet club representatives at a fans’ forum next week and will report the outcome.

An EFL spokesperson told "The EFL can confirm that we have received a request from Charlton Athletic’s majority shareholder Roland Duchatelet, which we will review and subsequently respond to as appropriate."

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