Competitive games abroad not wanted says Cole

Chelsea and England star Joe Cole hopes the Premier League will scrap its proposals to play competitive domestic matches abroad.

Premier League bosses were forced to forget their Game 39 proposal earlier this year, after FSF co-ordinated fans’ protests and widespread condemnation from within the worldwide game.

But Chief Executive Richard Scudamore is, nonetheless, still plotting to get Premier League matches played in other countries.

And Cole has condemned Premier League chiefs for messing with our national game for the sake of a few extra quid.

FSF National Council member Lindsay England was invited along to meet Cole, at a fans’ forum arranged through England national team sponsors Nationwide. And she grabbed her chance to ask, on behalf of the nation’s football fans, precisely what he makes of the Premier League’s plans.

“Its one of the best in the world, the Premier League - it’s the best top division in the world. Here in England we have the best players in the world, and everything is fine as it is", Cole told the FSF.

“They won’t ask us, the players, what we think and never will. There is so much money in the game these days and more coming in all the time - it’s big business for teams and TV companies, so the business people are always trying to mess it about.

“But why change things that work well. We players won’t have a say in anything, if we are asked to play a game in Timbuktu we will have to, and will play it as any other game. But, me personally, I'd rather they leave things alone.”