Crowd funded safe standing could come to EFL

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Talks aimed at introducing safe standing to an English Football League ground are at an advanced stage - and crowd funding could make it happen.

Safe standing campaigners and the FSF are in discussions with an EFL club, which currently has an all-seater stadium, about the possibility of introducing safe standing to their ground. 

This would mean they would be the first club with an all-seated venue in the post-Taylor era to convert parts of their ground to standing accommodation.

The FSF and Jon Darch, from the Safe Standing Roadshow, are now looking for supporters to fill in a survey to gauge opinion on the viability of crowdfunding for the idea.

Jon said: "After the resounding success of safe standing at Celtic, the next big boost for the campaign would be the introduction of standing at an all-seater ground south of the border.

"It would mark a major milestone on the journey towards enabling all clubs with all-seater grounds to do likewise, if they so wish."

We're keen to learn the following:

  • Is this a campaign you'd support, even if it's not your club?
  • Would you be willing to make a small donation?
  • If so, what sort of rewards would you like?

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and we're encouraging supporters to share it as widely as possible to gauge interest.

"It will really help us to tailor this campaign to ensure it's a huge success," Jon said. 

Thanks to Action Images for the image used in this story.