Euro Chimes for Pompey fans

Pompey fans heading to Germany for their team's UEFA Cup tie with Wolfsburg can make the most of their trip with Away Goals – Euro Chimes which contains information, advice, and entertainment for the club’s traveling support.

England regulars will be familiar with the FSF’s Free Lions fanzine, which is given out at England home and away games, and for the past two seasons we have also produced Away Goals for the Champions League finals in Moscow and Athens.

Portsmouth’s first foray into European competition has been accompanied with Euro Chimes, now onto its third issue.

The fanzine includes a guide to Wolfsburg with tips on how to get to the ground, where to eat and drink, alongside loads more information to help you have the best trip possible.

There’s also a helpline number +44 7932 312344 for any fans who do find themselves in a spot of bother which will be covered by our man in Germany, Ken Malley.

Ken and his team will be handing out Euro Chimes in Germany but even if you can’t make it you can get your hard copy here (£1 inc. P&P).

Pompey fans should also check out our Guide to Wolfsburg which tells you loads more about the place too. Think Lonely Planet, but aimed at football supporters.

Our International Ground Guide also has plenty of hints, tips, and drinking dens for all the English teams playing in Europe. So even if you're not a Portsmouth fan, there's no need to feel left out.

Download Away Goals - Euro Chimes here.

For more info on Free Lions click here.