Fan groups call on Premier League to stick to TV deadlines

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A dozen Premier League supporter groups are calling on the competition and its broadcasters to stick to their own deadlines for TV picks in a new petition.

This season the Premier League and broadcasters committed to giving fans at least six weeks’ notice of TV selections but they have now missed their own deadlines for three consecutive rounds of fixtures.

February’s Premier League TV selections were supposed to be announced by Tuesday 12th December but have yet to be finalised. TV picks for the December and January matches were seven and 23 days late respectively.

The petition demands:

We call on the Premier League and its television partners to adhere to published deadlines for matches selected for broadcast; to compensate supporters who are financially affected by delays to announcements of these dates; and to issue clear communications to supporters when deadlines are missed.

The 12 original signatories to the petition are Tottenham Hotspur Supporters' Trust, Manchester United Supporters' Trust, Cherries Trust (AFC Bournemouth), Watford Supporters' Trust, Newcastle United Supporters' Trust, Burnley FC Supporters' Groups, Huddersfield Town Supporters' Trust, Clarets Trust (Burnley FC), Chelsea Supporters' Trust, Swans Trust (Swansea City FC), West Ham United Independent Supporters Association, Arsenal Supporters' Trust and Spirit of Shankly (Liverpool FC).

Today the supporter representative on the FA Council Katrina Law told the Daily Mail: “Having announced the dates when TV picks would be confirmed at the start of the season, the Premier League has again failed to meet their own deadline.

“We have advised them to communicate clearly with fans to tell them why the delay has occurred, and when the fixture changes for February will be confirmed. The onus is on them to communicate with supporters.”