FSF supports Millwall fans' campaign

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The Football Supporters’ Federation National Council has unanimously agreed to back a campaign by Millwall fans to save land at the New Den.

Land around the south east London club is under threat from a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) by a development firm and local authority, which Millwall fans say could put the future of the club in doubt.

The Association of Millwall Supporters (AMS) and Millwall Supporters Club are urging Lewisham Council to meet with the club to thrash out an alternative – the vote on the CPO was recently postponed by the council.

In a recent statement, AMS said: “Our work continues as we continue to review the many questions that the current scheme has raised and, by doing so, help defend the club that we love.

“We urge Lewisham Council to now meet with Millwall FC at the earliest opportunity to explore ways in which the borough can both retain its professional football club and community scheme; as well develop an amicable and economic future for all.

“It is in the interests of all parties that a way out of this mess be found. The loss for all involved is simply too great.”

The FSF National Council discussed the issue at the meeting on Sunday, along with many others and decided to formally support the campaign by Millwall fans against the CPO.

Update 25/01/2017: The Guardian reported this morning that the controversial CPO plan had been dropped. The Mayor of Lewisham said in a statement that it "should not proceed".