Go to the Supporters Summit and make your voice heard

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Damian Collins MP, the man responsible for the cross-party supported Football Governance Bill, has come out strongly in favour of the FSF and SD's call for proper consultation with supporters about the future of our national game. Collins has urged fans to attend the Supporters Summit on Saturday 26th July.

“Football is nothing without the fans and any reform of the sport must include consultation with supporters including representative bodies such as Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters’ Federation. I would urge fans to attend the upcoming Supporters Summit and have their voices heard,” said Collins.

His Bill is designed to tackle some of the issues long campaigned on by the FSF and SD, including the most recent Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee reports – the fifth report in forty years demanding big changes to the way the game is run in England.

Much of the recent focus has been on the widely panned proposals for B-Teams and 'Strategic Loan Partnerships'. The deeply unpopular ideas were tabled by Greg Dyke’s FA Commission on the 'Future of the England team', with the response summed up in grassroots Against League 3 campaign.

Despite Dyke’s Commission claiming to have 'engaged widely with football's stakeholders', SD only had their submission acknowledged days after the report had been published, the FSF merely had their submission 'acknowledged', and neither were invited to give evidence formally to the Commission. This is despite both representing a combined membership base of some one million fans, members of supporters' trusts and other supporters’ organisations.

Five things you can do:

  1. Sign up for the Supporters Summit here.
  2. Sign and share the Say No To 'B' Teams petition.
  3. Ask your MP to support the Football Governance Bill via: www.writetothem.com
  4. Read the FSF's submission to the Dyke Commission here.
  5. Read SD's submission to the Dyke Commission here.

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