Last chance! Today May 16th 2008 final closing date for registrations!


European Football Fans’ Congress: May 16th 2008 final closing date for registrations!

The preparations for 1st European Football Fans’ Congress which is taking place at the Emirates Stadium on July 6th 2008 is reaching its final phase... as are the registrations which already indicate that we’re looking at an exciting international event approaching:

At the time when we passed the original April 25th "deadline" for registrations for the congress, we had 135 individual registrations, coming from an impressive 21 countries, including Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Israel, Bulgaria and Slovakia. The April 25th date was always intended as a flexible deadline to set a tone, and since then we've received registrations from 3 more countries - Holland, Austria and Latvia.

There is however a final deadline, of Friday, May 16th,
after which point NO NEW REGISTRATIONS will be accepted.

Please note therefore that, unlike at the FSF Fans' Parliament, it will NOT be possible to register later or turn up on the day!

This is mainly due to the complexity of the arrangements and the dimension of the event (for instance the need to arrange the necessary simultaneous translation and subsistence), and also because otherwise it could be seen as giving an "advantage" to UK representatives. The Football Supporters International network (FSI) are the main organisers of this European Congress and the FSF as their core group member are delighted to act as the hosts.

We would therefore have to stress that if any FSF members or other football fans wish to attend the FSI Congress, please REGISTER via the website at

before May 16th. On the FSI website, you can also find all the bits and bobs of information about the programme details, the workshops, the framework activities and the overall organisation of this international event.

Please help us to spread this message amongst all football fans and FSF members that might be interested in taking part in the event!

For any further questions, please call us at 08702 777 777 or send an email to