Find a match: Non-League Day 2018

Belper Town NLD 2

Non-League Day, now the biggest volunteer-led event in the national game, will return for its ninth consecutive season on Saturday 13th October.

With the international break meaning that no Premier League or Championship fixtures will be taking place over that weekend – Non-League Day gives fans who normally follow the professional game a chance to sample their local non-league team.

Non-League Day organiser Mike Bayly said: “Non-League Day provides a platform for clubs to promote the importance of volunteer-led community football, while empowering fans to show support for their local non-League side.

“Last year, an increasing number of clubs across the National League System recorded significantly higher crowds, in some cases doubling or even tripling their average attendance.”

Once again Non-League Day will be raising funds for Prostate Cancer UK and will be supported by Kick It Out.

Brian Lee, president of the National League said: "We totally support the ethos of Non-League Day.

"Such an opportunity gives all clubs the chance to open their doors and develop new friends and fans to our ever-growing family.

"This annual event is now well and truly embedded in the football calendar and we sincerely hope that it once more draws forth the recognition it deserves."

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Thanks to Paul Paxford for the image used in this article.