Northeast Division officially launched


The Northeast Division was officially started on the 21st May 2008 in a posh pub in Durham. It was an informal affair. A show of hands took place to elect the committee; a Chair, Deputy Chair/Campaigns Co-ordinator, Secretary/Treasurer and National Council representative.

Two initial campaigning areas were highlighted that football supporters from the Northeast have specific concerns about:

  • Train travel and the ever increasing changes to kick off times, combined with non-refundable/not transferable travel tickets is becoming an expensive and often disappointing problem.
  • Also, recent Northeast derbies have seen what many think is inappropriate policing, many quoted as saying it is as if the authorities have taken steps back to the 'bad old days'.

However, this initial meeting was rounded off quickly with the Champions' League final kick off looming. It was then time to get to the bar and enjoy the fact that none of us really cared who won.

To view a .pdf of the minutes from the first Northeast Divisional meeting click here