UEFA Euro 2012 ticket applications

The UEFA ticket portal opened on Monday 12th December 2011 and will remain open until Wednesday 15th February 2012. For this tournament, all participating nations will be using the UEFA ticketing website to process applications, additionally payments will be taken directly by UEFA and tickets will be distributed by UEFA.

PLEASE NOTE: This process is purely for Gold members of englandfans, the official membership through the English FA. Supporters who do not fit into this category should keep a close eye on UEFA's website where tickets are occasionally made available. Additional tickets are expected to be made available in January 2012 although exact dates have not been released.

  • Applications will be managed by the UEFA ticketing website.
  • Englandfans GOLD members must use their personal UEFA Account registration details as posted on the englandfans website.
  • Members must apply for their tickets individually
  • Where members wish to be grouped together, they must then enter the FAN number of the lead member of their group within their own application (all members of the group have to be members of the GOLD membership to apply for tickets).
  • If you are under 18 years of age you must enter the date of birth of the lead member of your group who should be 18 or over.
  • Only VISA or MASTERCARD credit cards will be accepted as method of payment.
  • UEFA have advised that refunds after the tournament may be processed via Bank Transfer only – this has to be confirmed.
  • It will not be possible to submit an application after the deadline on 15th February 2012 and nor will it be possible to cancel or amend an application after this time.
  • When applying you must make sure that the email address that you enter within the UEFA system is correct as this is the address UEFA will use to notify you of your allocation result.

To access the englandfans section of the UEFA website, you will have to log in to the englandfans website. From the home page of englandfans there is a link to the englandfans section on the UEFA Ticketing website where you will be prompted to ‘Activate Fan Sales Account’ using your unique UEFA reference and password. Once you’ve activated the UEFA Sales Account you will be taken to the application section.

Your unique UEFA Reference and Password can be found on the EURO 2012 page, found on the top information bar of the website. Click on ‘Euro 2012’ and you will be taken to the relevant page where your unique login number and password can be found on the right-hand side about halfway down the page.

Details of how to apply for tickets, how the tickets will be allocated etc can all be found on the homepages of englandfans. Please read these pages carefully before you make your application.

Ticket prices for matches, set by UEFA in Euros, are:

  • Group matches: €120 (Cat 1), €70 (Cat 2), €30 (Cat 3)
  • Quarter-final: €150 (Cat 1), €80 (Cat 2), €40 (Cat 3)
  • Semi-final: €270 (Cat 1), €150 (Cat 2), €45 (Cat 3)
  • Final: €600 (Cat 1), €330 (Cat 2), €50 (Cat 3)

To cover the cost of administration of tickets, UEFA have applied a flat 10% booking fee (to a maximum of 20 Euros per application).

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