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Welcome to the Supporter Liaison Officer section of the FSF website. Supporter Liaison Officers (or SLOs for short) are a relatively new feature in the UK and this is where you'll be able to find out all about them. We hope it's a useful tool.

What is an SLO? An SLO is responsible for building bridges between the club and its fans. SLOs might communicate fans’ opinions to a club’s board or senior staff members, and should also liaise with stewards, police and counterparts at opposition clubs. SLOs can be club employees or volunteers - some clubs even have a mixture of both.

Find out more via the latest SLO blogs and news.

  • SLO Contacts: Want to contact the SLO at your club? We have the SLO email for almost every league club. Got feedback on an experience with an SLO? Do tell.
  • SLO Case Studies: We firmly believe that SLOs can be of great benefit to fans; we want to encourage their development, spread best practice models and share experiences. Case studies and more.
  • SLO FAQs: Have you got a question about SLOs? You're not the first. Find out how they came about, what the scope of their job is, and how the FSF is working to help SLOs at all clubs.
  • Disability Access Officers: Premier League clubs also employ a Disability Access Officer.

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